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Frozen Yogurt & Coffee Shop, pure deliciousness at your fingertips in iced or hot version.

Service for cruise passengers

10% discount on the bill.

- Frozen yogurt,
- Sweet & savory bubbles waffles,
- Coffee shop,
- Homemade bubble tea.

With its original and exclusive recipe, YAOZ Frozen Yogurt & Coffee Shop is both tasty, creamy and ultra tasty. Plain or flavored, the frozen yogurt is served in pots size S, M, L or XXL and is accompanied by all the unlimited toppings of your choice (fruits, cereals, candies, chocolate, coulis, cookies...), as long as they fit on the pot! Much lighter than an ice cream, YAOZ Frozen Yogurt & Coffee Shop allows you to indulge without feeling guilty...



  • Restaurant
  • Fast food
  • Takeaway/cooked dishes
  • Tea Room/ Coffee Shop
  • Ice cream parlour
  • Continuous service