By implementing this label locally in your city, you assist and boost the relationship between Cruise Tourism & Commerce : it’s a win-win situation.

Why become a Cruise Friendly destination ?

  • The Cruise Friendly certification aims to stimulate the knock-on effect of the cruise sector on the economic development of your territory.
  • Its purpose is to accompany local stakeholders and shopkeepers in welcoming the cruise clientele, guarantee a quality gold standard, enhance certain shopping streets, drive and channel passenger flows to these relevant areas and to Charter partners (restaurants, shops, museums..).
  • Overall, secure loyalty of the cruise guests (and by extension the cruise lines’ calls in your port) by raising the satisfaction level of your destination.
  • Not forgetting that by providing this exceptional experience ashore, it encourages passengers to plan a future sojourn in your destination for a longer stay. Keep in mind that the cruise passenger is not only an ambassador but a future tourist !

Advantages for you as a destination 

  • Increase passengers’ ratings of your destination and as a result secure cruise lines loyalty
  • Ensure that local residents/customers/users and tourists, other than cruise passengers, benefit from the Cruise Friendly certification

  • Cruise Friendly is a springboard for competitive differentiation from other ports
  • Improved experience for you in terms of overseas clientele welcome
  • Increased and privileged visibility vis-a-vis cruise lines, their passengers and crew members

Advantages for the cruise passengers

The promise of a bespoke welcome and positive, unforgettable experience ashore and special offers

Advantages for the shopkeepers 

Potential sales growth for the Cruise Friendly partners through increased cruise passenger visits

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