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Maryse and Jean-François NAUDON are both from Burgundy.
they settle permanently in Provence where they decide to devote themselves fully to their respective passion: painting for Maryse, craftsmanship for Jean-François.

Service for cruise passengers

depending on purchase, magnets or bookmarks

Her numerous professional transfers, as well as her travels, opened up a wide variety of horizons for her. Thus, her two-year stay in the Caribbean revealed to her the magic of warm and luminous colors. Back in Provence in 1994, she learns under the direction of a Provençal painter to work the colors in order to transpose at best on the canvas the luminous beauty of this sun-drenched region. Her figurative painting is currently evolving towards a more refined style where the play of color plays an important role.

Jean François
Also a painter, Jean-François chose to turn to the art craft industry by reproducing Maryse's paintings in the form of magnets of different sizes (rectangular, round). Then he developed this concept by proposing to the customers to carry out their own compositions framed in the form of triptychs by topic or harmony of colors. Finally, he customizes from Maryse's paintings or according to the models provided (photos, logos....) handbag accessories or pouches (business cards/loyalty cards/bank cards/cigarettes, mirrors, pillboxes, bag hangers, bookmarks....) jewelry (pendants)....


All year round.

Opening from 01 January 2024 to 31 December 2024



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