Bandol is a delightful  & genuine village which has retained the authenticity from its early start in the 18th century. Do not miss on its daily morning market and stop by one of the waterfront countless shops open on a 7 day basis. Among them you may choose one from our numerous Cruise Friendly partners

No doubt you will dedicate time to taste local flavours & local products in the Maison des Vins located right in the village ; definitely AOC Bandol wine is a not-to-be-missed ! 

Proceed further and drive along the Wines’ Trail marked by roughly sixty vineyards along with as many sampling stops. Tickle your taste buds too! A 15 minute drive from Bandol, in La Cadière, Chef François Bérard in his Michelin star restaurant can host you for a cooking lesson and gourmet Provencal recipes. 

Meanwhile Bandol shoreline offers lovely beaches within the village limits, for instance Renécros, you will be stunned by the unique beauty of Bendor Island a 7 minute boat ride from town. If in search of a peaceful & unspoilt green shelter, then the site will seduce you.