Well known for its yacht club and its picturesque sea promenade, Saint-Raphaël boasts a 2 century long history as a seaside resort. Browse  the Provencal market, the boutiques and local shops in search for the souvenir you will take home with you. The Cruise Friendly shop owners will gladly assist you in making your customized selection.

As you wander through town, pay a visit to historical downtown & the 16th century chapel. A new addition to the tourist offer is the excellent Louis de Funès Museum. Saint-Raphaël is also known for its lavish 19th & 20th century mansions and you may want to tour those while in town. 

Should you rather explore the countryside or the shoreline the following will suit you.
Depart on a road trip that will take you from the seaside, the creeks and the beaches – among those historic Dramont Beach set of the Allies’ landing during WWII– into the hinterland, up to the picturesque volcanic Esterel area.
This destination is also a sports mecca : horseback riding, biking, hiking and limitless watersports activities such as paddling, kayaking, jet skiing and so much more…